Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: September 9

Bin idea must not be rubbished

The headline 'Green Bins to be investigated' (Examiner, News, September 2) sparked a glimmer of hope that Port Stephens Council was considering implementing a responsible green waste processing system.

However, to my knowledge, the Port Stephens Council Waste Management Strategy 2021 to 2031 makes no reference to Green Bins.

GET JABBED: George Anderson of Medowie believes that vaccines have been politicised and that more people should conisder the AstraZeneca option.

GET JABBED: George Anderson of Medowie believes that vaccines have been politicised and that more people should conisder the AstraZeneca option.

During the warmer months, when most home owners are conducting lawn and garden maintenance, the need to dispose of green waste means less space is available in the red bin for general waste.

Green waste could be collected separately, processed, and made available as mulch for residents to use.

The ratepayers of Port Stephens deserve an environmentally responsible council.

J Koch, Nelson Bay

No need to politicise jabs

In reference to the Examiner's article 'Vaccines - a tale of opposites (September 2) my blood boils when our local politicians get on the bandwagon of criticizing the federal government for insufficient vaccines especially that of the Pfizer brand.

What is wrong with AstraZeneca manufactured here in Australia under license at a fraction of the cost of a expensive German counterpart?

Port Stephens MP Kate Washington stated that 'tens' of thousands of Port Stephens residents want to get vaccinated but cant get access to a jab.

I don't believe it.

My understanding is that AstraZeneca is available most days.

As I have personally experienced recently, it is the spin doctor tales of poor supply of Pfizer and not recommending the freely available AZ jab that relates to political point scoring.

Think of us so-called 'poor over 60s' who have no choice what brand of vaccine we can have injected and we are among the highest vaccinated in the county.

George Anderson, Medowie

Not convinced on leadership

When I was young my mum would take a Bex Powder every day in case she got a headache.

I got my jab yesterday, and I asked the nurse how many COVID-19 cases had she seen.

She said none, but that she had heard about some.

Our Premier, wants to smash a peanut with a sledgehammer, to show she is doing something.

When you consider that the 'experts' don't even know what causes the common cold, how are they going to save us from COVID-19?

Graham Farrell, Soldiers Point

Koalas and politics

I recently attended a fundraising event for Port Stephens Koalas where I sponsored 'Solstice', a koala unable to be returned to the wild after being hit by a car.

Rather than showing appreciation for some ten millions of dollars of funding for local Koalas from various levels of government, I felt the presidents speech was using the occasion to engage in government-bashing over funding levels.

I read in the newspapers that the president and the local Labor Member of Parliament are defending the organisations appointment of the Labor Partys Mayoral candidate as the Koala Hospitals CEO.

My discussions with the president revealed they had spent nearly $20,000 in a failed attempt to save just one sick Koala.

This suggests funding is not in short supply and could possibly be spent more wisely.

It would be a great shame for koalas and local stakeholders to see (in Ms Washingtons words) a much loved organisation being taken over by a political agenda.

David Chapman, Newcastle

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