The new COVID rules coming into force in NSW next week

The new COVID rules coming into force in NSW next week

In just under a week, the first stage of NSW's reopening plan will take effect and restrictions will begin easing for people who have had two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

There is now a definitive guide to the changes the fully vaccinated will enjoy with the publication of the incoming public health order.

The new rules do not apply to unvaccinated adults, who will remain under restrictions that are mostly the same as those that have been in place during lockdown.


Despite advice from outgoing Deputy Premier John Barilaro's office last week that regional residents would be allowed into Greater Sydney, the order prohibits travel in either direction between regional NSW and Greater Sydney.

Instead, people living in Greater Sydney will be restricted to travelling within Greater Sydney, while regional residents will be allowed to go anywhere else in regional NSW.

Camping grounds and caravan parks will reopen.

Visitors and social gatherings

Up to five visitors will be permitted in the home at any one time (children aged 12 and under are not included in this cap).

Outdoor gatherings and recreation will expand to maximum of 20 people.

Aged care and disability facilities will also be allowed to reopen to visitors, in accordance with their own policies.


Masks will remain mandatory indoors and on public transport for those aged over 12, but will no longer be required outside.

However, front-of-house hospitality workers will have to wear a mask when working in outdoor areas.

Sport, recreation, fitness and entertainment

Community sports will not restart, but gyms, indoor recreation and sporting facilities (except indoor pools) will reopen.

Density limits will apply, and classes will be limited to 20 people.

Stadiums, theme parks and the like will be allowed to have up to 5000 people, in accordance with density limits.

Entertainment venues such as cinemas and theatres will open their doors again, to a density limit or 75 per cent fixed seat capacity.

Libraries, museums and art galleries will also have density limits.

Ticketed and seated outdoor public gatherings will be allowed for up to 500 people, within a density limit.

Nightclubs and amusement venues cannot yet reopen.

Shopping and hospitality

Non-critical retail, pubs, restaurants and cafes will reopen, with density and booking limits in place.

People will not yet be allowed to drink while standing.

Personal service providers - such as hairdressers, spas and salons - will be allowed to welcome in up to five customers at a time, with density limits in place.

Weddings and funerals

Weddings can be held with up to 50 people and while dancing will be allowed, eating and drinking must be seated.

Funerals will also have a 50-person limit and places of worship will reopen, but no singing will be allowed.

Density limits will also apply in these settings.

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