Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: November 25

Bring back manufacturing

Bravo Gerry Mohan, regarding his letter on local manufacturing (Examiner, Letters, November 18).

Just what has to happen before Australians wake up to the continuous outsourcing of works that can be manufactured and delivered within Australia, by Australians with skills ?

GO LOCAL: Andrew Higley has echoed calls for manufacturing of NSW's ferries, trains and light rail, among other industries, to return to Australia.

GO LOCAL: Andrew Higley has echoed calls for manufacturing of NSW's ferries, trains and light rail, among other industries, to return to Australia.

The NSW trams, light rail, ferries etc., built overseas and imported with significant defects and delays.

And with all this third rate hardware falling and failing to bits, the NSW ex Premier Gladys Berejiklian, claims that: "Australia and New South Wales are not good at building trains, that's why we have to purchase them".

Imagine the benefit to the State and local business even here up in Port Stephens if those billions of dollars had gone to a local manufacturer, to the skilled workers, the suppliers. Just how much tax would have reverted to the State through Income tax and GST?

At a time when all small businesses were being crippled by COVID and were pleading with their local communities to support them through their crisis, where was the State government spending our taxes?

Incompetence of the worst kind, bull dust and spin.

A disgrace.

Andrew Higley, Fingal Bay

Back to basics of council

Referring to Peter Clough's letter (Examiner, November 18) I believe there's some misconception of what the key responsibilities of a local council are.

Briefly, a local council is not responsible for education and training of young people, and the State Government is. While public transport is a responsibility of the State Government, a council has a responsibility for the local environment viz well maintained roads and drainage, clean waterways, koala habitats, and carbon-neutral practices.

A council is responsible for land rezoning, subdivisions and development applications within the LGA. For these services a council collects rates on properties.

From the rates collected, a council provides local road and drainage infrastructure, safeguards local environment, collects and disposes rubbish safely.

Of course a council may also provide infrastructure and amenities for the betterment of the community, apprenticeship for the young etc., but let's fix up the potholes so that residents and visitors can travel safely for education, training, work and leisure now and well into the future.

Ernest To, Medowie

Potholes are a problem

I found Peter Clough's letter offensive to all residents and visitors who had a costly bill for damage to their tyres and cars attempting to avoid the potholes around Port Stephens Shire.

Let's be honest there were and still are so many potholes around it was and is unacceptable.

He is trying to encourage residents to vote for an independent, that I understand, he is campaigning for. An independent who said at a Meet the Candidates forum that potholes are not a priority. Totally unacceptable, in my opinion.

Irene Jones, Salamander Bay

Residents want infrastructure

Peter Clough is wasting his time playing a 'look over here' game in an attempt to distract voters from focusing on the current council's failure to maintain and develop basic transport infrastructure (Examiner, Letters, November 18).

Voters know where the all the potholes are in the so-called Independent's policies and promises.

As I understand, he has also omitted to declare his role in his support for the re-election of Mayor Palmer.

Cherylle Stone, Soldiers Point

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