Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner's Editor: December 16

LOUD: Sydney visitor Rob Asser believes more should be done to curtail jet ski noise in Nelson Bay.
LOUD: Sydney visitor Rob Asser believes more should be done to curtail jet ski noise in Nelson Bay.

Waterway a 'redneck race track'

Last Monday we sat with visitors on the foreshore of the Bay (between the marina and Fly Point) and all we heard was the excessive noise of six jet skis. Is this what you people want your Bay to become? Having studied the transmission of sound across water I'd suggest that some of these were well beyond the 95 decibel limit.

It appears the selfish entertainment of a few outweighs the rights of the majority to enjoy a peaceful natural environment. The council and the marine authorities seem to be completely missing in action.

When was the last time the local marine authorities actually measured the noise output of the local jet skis? Is it too hard to decide what is clearly in the best interests of this community.

People come to the Bay to see the dolphins and enjoy the pristine waterways, not to see and experience the jarring noise of jet skis. Surely there must be one councillor who can join the economic dots and propose a sensible solution.

The local council need to quickly decide whether they want to make this wonderful waterway an economic success and a great place for everyone to live or a redneck racetrack for a self-centred few.

Rob Asser, Balmain

Aged care reforms needed

The Morrison Government has refused to implement the reforms of the industry as strongly recommended by the Royal Commission into Aged Care.

One of the recommendations was for an Independent Pricing Authority to prevent operators from charging exorbitant fees and charges that now allow the operators to take up to 50 per cent of the funds allocated for care as fees and charges. Little wonder operators are advertising to get the aged to use their services.

The RC revealed a litany of abuse and neglect in the aged care industry by some for-profit operators and made clear recommendations on how to prevent this abuse continuing, but despite his early promise the PM has made no plans to carry out reform that will restore the human rights of the aged.

It now appears the Coalition Government has left the aged in the grip of the few multinational operators by signing the Asia Pacific free trade agreement.

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) could prevent our government from making regulatory changes to improve staffing in aged care. The government excluded most services from the agreement like social welfare health and child care, but not aged care.

Without this exemption the RECP may prevent any government from changing the standards of staffing and care in homes owned by some of the biggest operators. Despite the RC setting out clear lines of reform, the RCEP contains provisions to lock in existing regulations that have led to the abuse and neglect as recorded by the RC. The signing of the RCEP can be added to the long list of the Coalition Government selling out our aged in care.

I hope everyone with aged parents or friends vote for any candidate that pledges to reform the aged care industry to enable the projected 300,000 aged in care to live out their days with care and dignity. As a 92 year old, this is personal to me.

Frank Ward OAM, Shoal Bay

A thank you 

On Sunday afternoon I left my car/house keys on the beach at Shoal Bay. I searched that evening but to no avail. Next morning at 8.30am I visited Nelson Bay Police Station and my keys had been handed in.

To whoever, I'm very grateful and I would like to thank you very much.

Christopher Barnes, Nelson Bay

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