Letters to the Editor: December 23

'EMBARRASSING': Rubbish left in Apex Park, Nelson Bay, near the war memorial. Picture: Dave Bennett
'EMBARRASSING': Rubbish left in Apex Park, Nelson Bay, near the war memorial. Picture: Dave Bennett

Apex Park a rubbish dump

Apex Park in Nelson Bay has always been a wonderful place to sit and have a coffee or meal or relax with your family. Sadly in the last couple of months it has turned into a rubbish dump and bike track. It is being left in a state that is embarrassing the people of Port Stephens.

Traffic has to swerve to miss bike riders who are riding up the wrong side of the road, no helmets of course, too cool for that, or harassing people trying to use the toilets. I only hope none of these kids get hurt or worse. All children have the right to have fun but surely they can still show respect for people and property. If not, their future and the future of our community is not looking very bright.

Dave Bennett, Nelson Bay

Jet skis let loose in port

With the onset of the summer holidays and the expected onslaught of tourists let loose in Port Stephens will come the scourge of our waterways that we had to endure last Christmas - jet skis.

Since December 2020, 590 fines have been issued to jet ski users in NSW and 933 warnings issued.

Speeding is the biggest problem, making up 60 per cent of all offenses in the state.

Dangerous riding and being unlicensed are the second and third biggest issues.

People come to Port Stephens for its beauty, tranquillity and lifestyle. They enjoy and admire our wonderful flora and fauna, including our marine creatures.

Our waterways are their home and should be treated as such. Not as playgrounds for hoons on jet skis who threaten the lives of our dolphins and turtles.

There will always be those jetski users who defend their use, but I believe that the majority of residents here are opposed to them. I would like to see jet skis banned but if that's not possible then at least better controlled.

Amanda Sutherland, Anna Bay

Delivering on promises

Nigel Waters poised a poignant question: "Which vision will Port council pursue?" (Examiner opinion, December 9).

Many would have a fair idea what the new council could be like by the manifestos of the candidates elected. In reality, for better or worse, some councillors may not deliver their promises, and some may change their pursuits in the coming three years.

As the good book says: "...your young men [and women] will see visions..."

Hopefully, all their visions will be for the betterment of the community and the environment we live in; and the NSW Local Government model Code of Conduct shall be their guiding light.

Ernest To, Medowie

Climate change warms earth

The letter about CO2 by Mike Hayes (Examiner, December 9) is simplistic and misleading. Contrary to his claim, it does not settle close to the surface of the earth any more than lighter gasses.

Molecular density is only relevant in enclosed containers. Once released, gasses disperse, with temperature and pressure equalising between different molecules. Atmospheric pressure is created by kinetic energy - different weights are compensated by moving at different velocities.

The fact is that the concentration of CO2 has increased by more than 30% in the last 100 years. It also concentrates in the upper atmosphere. This has led to a greater reflection of radiant heat back towards the earth. Hence global warming. It is the change, not the absolute amount, that creates the problem.

Any increase in concentration of CO2 is not useful for plants. It has been found to be harmful to trees and alters their reproduction.

Ross Hampton, Tanilba Bay