Over 20 injured as typhoon lashes Japan

More than 20 people have been injured and tens of thousands have evacuated their homes as Typhoon Jongdari hit flood-battered western Japan.

The season's 12th typhoon caused damage to homes and buildings in central and western Japan, broadcaster NHK reported on Sunday.

The storm also led to the cancellation of 168 flights and some train services were cancelled, according to NHK.

The typhoon had weakened, however, after making landfall at the city of Ise, 320km southwest of Tokyo, at around 1am (midnight AEST), according to the Meteorological Agency.

The agency said the storm could dump more than 80 millimetres per hour in some areas and warned of mudslides, flooding, swollen rivers and high waves.

Rainfall of up to 200 millimetres was forecast for the islands of Shikoku and Kyushu and up to 150 millimetres for the Tokai region by noon on Monday, according to the agency.

As of noon, the eye of the storm was over the city of Hiroshima, travelling west at 30km/h with maximum sustained winds of 82.8km/h and gusts of 126km/h, the agency said.

Earlier this month, heavy rains triggered floods and landslides in western Japan, killing about 220 people. About 4,000 remain in emergency shelters.

The storm has cooled Japan, which had been sweltering under an intense heatwave for nearly two weeks. About 100 people died from heatstroke this month as temperatures reached record highs.

The mercury hit 41.1 degrees Celsius in the city of Kumagaya on Monday, 60km northwest of Tokyo, the highest temperature ever recorded in the country.

Australian Associated Press