Advertising feature: Spring Home style - are you pool ready?

As the weather heats up it’s tempting to buy that cheap portable pool. While it may seem like a quick and cheap solution they can be deadly.

In the past 15 years 17 children aged under four years have drowned in portable swimming pools. 

According to Royal Life Saving, in all instances adult supervision had lapsed and the vast majority of pools were unfenced.

“Many parents may not be aware of the legal requirement in most states and territories to fence a pool deeper than 30 centimetres,” Royal Life Saving CEO Justin Scarr said.

“If you’re planning on using or buying a portable pool over the warmer months, consider how you can Make It Safe.”

There are five simple tips to follow to reduce the risk.

  1. Check with council for fencing requirements.
  2. Ensure children are always supervised within arms reach whenever they are in, or around the water.
  3. Never rely on older children to supervise younger children.
  4. For smaller pools – empty and put them away after use.
  5. Always store portable pools safely. Ensure it cannot fill with rain water.