Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: November 7

Shoppers off their trolleys

Thank you to the selfish few who just dump their shopping trolleys in others' car spaces after they unload.

Really, if you haven't got the strength to return the trolleys after you shop, then maybe you should consider home delivery.

Often cars have to take up two spots to park because some are just too lazy to return the trolley to a rack or at least place it at the boundary for collection.

How about you consider others.

RETURN IT: Soldiers point resident Greg Smith ha had enough of people dumping their troleys in the middle of car parks.

RETURN IT: Soldiers point resident Greg Smith ha had enough of people dumping their troleys in the middle of car parks.

Greg Smith, Soldiers Point

More options needed

It is so important that our community has access to adequate tertiary education.

A recent study by the Regional Expert Advisory Group commissioned by the federal government, indicated that regional Australian residents are around 40 per cent less likely to gain a higher level tertiary education qualification and less than half as likely to gain a Batchelor and above qualification by the time they are 35 compared to individuals from metropolitan areas.

The Tomaree Peninsula has limited accessibility to many tertiary level courses.

The Tomaree Peninsula Tertiary Education Working Group established to enhance the opportunity for residents to access higher education has received a commitment from State Government to establish a Connected Learning Centre [CLC].

We need the skills and educational needs for our key industries on the Tomaree Peninsula, for example Tourism and Hospitality to ensure we remain competitive.

Port Stephens Council invests significant funds into attracting visitors to Port Stephens and therefore it is so important that we have trained qualified personnel to meet expectations of the visiting public, particularly in hospitality, to continue having a competitive edge.

Education enhances employability and accordingly we need to invest wisely by having accessibility to good quality tertiary education which meets the needs of local industry.

Communities that invest and develop strong education standards are more likely to grow economically.

We need to seek government support for more investment in resourcing to transition our secondary students into further education.

Peter Clough, Fingal Bay

Bay is in bloom

Each Spring I welcome the yellow Coriopsis flowers now in full bloom growing along the roadside verges.

Do take the time to enjoy this bright cheery spring flower as you drive around the Bay. It is a pleasure to see the grass verges with a splash of yellow in spring. These flowers not only brighten our day but provide a haven for bees. Also, catch the sight of Jacaranda trees spreading their glorious color, as well as the Christmas bush already turning red.

Then stop at a beach and feel the sand between your toes before cooling down in the water in the variety of beaches we have. Every Spring I welcome the Coriopsis, which I call my birthday flower.

This splash of yellow is a tonic for any blues we may have. Thank you Port Stephens Council, for not mowing down the Coriopsis while they are still flowering, and thank you to everyone who helps keep Port Stephens beautiful.

Christine Gregory, Taylors Beach

Hurrah to Oakvale

Congratulations to the owners, staff and volunteers on the 40th anniversary of the wonderful Oakvale Farm.

The team has displayed such dedication over the years to operate this true Aussie venue. It has been a great achievement for this wildlife park to give so much pleasure and also educate both adults and children on our precious Australian native animals.

Our children were among the first to visit the park and now their children take delight as regular visitors.

It is a nice thought to think our great grandchildren will also have the pleasure. Keep up the good work putting smiles on so many faces.

Carolyn Lewis, Soldiers Point