Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: June 18

'God's country': Peter Phillipson says he's lucky to live in Fingal Bay but has been left disappointed by the amount of litter left in the area recently.
'God's country': Peter Phillipson says he's lucky to live in Fingal Bay but has been left disappointed by the amount of litter left in the area recently.

Gym closure a community loss

Nelson Bay Balance gym members have been caught by surprise with the news that Wests has decided not to reopen the gym after COVID 19 restrictions were eased.

My understanding is that confirmation has been received that the gym closure will be permanent as it is not profitable.

This is extremely disappointing and devastating news from Wests. It is a decision that, to me, stands in contrast to the group's direction and what it stands for.

I am to believe clubs such as Wests were there to provide and serve the community and give support to the community.

Providing fitness facilities across the region is a key part of the Wests group according to its website.

It appears they are abandoning Nelson Bay Balance members in pursuit of profits.

Providing fitness facilities to a community should be one of their highest priorities as it is such a great benefit to the community and in need should be subsidised to their members. A person's health and wellbeing are their greatest asset.

I question the profitability argument, especially with the number of people who are members at Balance Nelson Bay.

You would think the strategy of the Wests group would to promote health and fitness and keep people living longer so they are able to spend more money in their clubs over a longer period of time. It appears they have abandoned Nelson Bay members.

I hope the Wests management will revisit their decision and reverse it as it is not in line with their stated values.

Neil Edwards, Nelson Bay

Deli move disappoints

In response to Mike Berriman's letter (Examiner, June 11), we also now shop elsewhere since the wall of pre-packaged meats and seafood was unveiled at the Tanilba Bay Coles supermarket.

Besides the fact that we can no longer buy freshly cut meat or take advantage of any specials, we can't comprehend the use of plastic when we've all been encouraged to avoid plastic packaging.

Amanda Davies, Tanilba Bay

Closure leaves members at a loss

It is a sad and sorry state now that Balance gym at Nelson Bay closed its doors permanently.

The older members felt comfortable there, even young people liked it. In this day and age when fitness is paramount in the aid of mental health ,injury rehab and all-round wellness, it is a disappointing act from such a large club.

Clubs are meant to be there for the community.

Peter Kelly, Soldiers Point

Litter reaction to social action

After many weeks of lockdowns and restrictions it was terrific to see our local shops once again trading and getting back to some kind of normality.

To see the families once again enjoying our beautiful part of the world and making the most of their newfound freedoms was also pleasing to see. It certainly makes me wonder at times how lucky am I to live here at Fingal when the world is turning itself upside down.

But as in some law of physics there is always a reaction.

We have spent the last few months learning how to look after ourselves, have we forgotten how to look after the wider world in the meantime.

I am sad to say that the amount of litter recently deposited on the bicycle path and beach, which a couple of weeks ago were almost pristine, is disappointing to say the least.

Yes, there are wonderful local people who get out there and pick it up without being asked, and I thank them for that, but my pleasure of seeing our visitors enjoy themselves is somewhat tempered by this behaviour of the thoughtless few who have little or no regard of our environment.

Peter Phillipson, Fingal Bay

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