Letters to the Editor: July 16

WHERE'S THE PLAN?: Port Stephens Council's smart parking plan for the Nelson Bay CBD has been met with opposition.
WHERE'S THE PLAN?: Port Stephens Council's smart parking plan for the Nelson Bay CBD has been met with opposition.

Paid Parking in Nelson Bay

Most business and commercial property owners in Nelson Bay would love to see some money spent upgrading the town, but sweeping changes like the introduction of paid parking need careful consideration.

Conversations that I have had over the last week with other business people and commercial property owners indicate to me an initial reaction of "no thank you".

Most, however, would be willing to listen to a proposal, if it was clearly presented with all the facts.

How will it work? How much money are we talking about? What will the impact on our businesses be? What exactly will the money be spent on? Who said we should demolish the overhead walkway? Can the money raised from parking be used to build another multi-story carpark to replace the old one?

Heath Jones, Nelson Bay

Keeping council honest

What would we do without the Port Stephens Examiner? We'd be mushrooms.

Without you, the residents of Nelson Bay would never have known about the council deciding to introduce paid parking. What a spectacular way to drive tourists away to other shopping areas.

As for their promise to spend the money on 'revitalising the town centre', well they won't need to - there won't be any shops left open for anyone to visit.

I don't recall getting any community consultation mail or letterbox-drops regarding this proposal, and from the article it appears businesses in the area haven't had much consultation either.

Perhaps the council put it on their website? Which, as they're not really printing any notices in the Examiner newspaper, we are apparently all expected to visit daily in order to find out what the council has decided for us, rather than with us.

Without you, we also wouldn't know that our electoral boundaries are to be gerrymandered so that we are to be included in an area 120 kilometres away.

We were given until July 15 to make public submissions. I don't remember receiving any communication about this from anyone, either.

Without your newspaper keeping us informed we would never have known of both these items, so thank you.

Sally Brady, Nelson Bay

Parking meter exemptions

If parking meters are to sprout up everywhere in the Bay then there will be no parking left in Woolies. This seems to be a ridiculous money grab by the council.

If this is to be then local residents need to be supplied an exemption sticker.

Kyle Wallace, Nelson Bay

Testing clinics at entrance

I am very concerned at the number of people visiting and not observing social distancing, using sanitisers etc.

Yes it is great for the local businesses ("busier than Christmas"), yes it is great to get out and about and yes it is school holidays but we could easily have an outbreak and our community will suffer greatly because of our older generation dynamic.

I believe testing clinics should be set up at entrances to Port Stephens.

We need leaders who will be decisive to stop the spread of the virus.

Start to enforce the protocols again or we will all become Melbournians.

Diana Wilson, Anna Bay

Testing is the solution

Instead of people looking for ways to avoid and complain about the current restrictions we should just accept the directions set by the health authorities, only then can we assist in preventing the current Victorian crisis.

Getting tested is a priority for everyone, a simple test and follow the hygiene procedures set by the health departments and we can assist in eradicating this unknown virus.

Gerry Mohan, Shoal Bay