Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: December 3

Frustrated by jet ski noise

FOR OR AGAINST: The use of jet skis in parts of Port Stephens have attracted criticism from those concerned by noise and safety.

FOR OR AGAINST: The use of jet skis in parts of Port Stephens have attracted criticism from those concerned by noise and safety.

I live above Dutchies Beach and I am frustrated and annoyed by the amount of noise caused by jet skis that zoom by close to shore, zoom recklessly onto the beach and do 'wheelies' just offshore revving their engines as many times as possible. There may as well be a Formula One race track along the foreshore.

It is only a matter of time before a swimmer is injured, or worse. Dutchies is a no water-ski zone so why do the same policy conditions not apply to jet skis? At a minimum it should be designated a restricted zone. So much for the peace and quiet of being by the water. How do we get this changed?

I'm dreading the holiday season.

Victoria Poole, Nelson Bay

Pathways are there to share

While recently walking beside my partially blind and incapacitated friend on her mobility scooter, we were shocked by a cyclist who, from the front, rode at the scooter and yelled for her to move over.

As we were on the left of the path there was plenty of room for him to pass through. This occurred Wednesday morning on the Bridle path at 11.15am at Dutchman's Beach. What was his problem that he felt he needed to intimidate a handicapped woman?

It was my friend's first outing from recently moving to the Bay and it was certainly upsetting. What's happening to our paradise if people choose to behave this way and bully the less fortunate?

Please, share the pathways and use respectful community thinking.

Anne Townsend, Corlette

Reason for vote needs explaining

Looking back a year or more, we can easily see that one of the most controversial issues has been the increase of building height in Nelson Bay CBD in east ward by Port Stephens Council, despite strong community objections.

One thing appears obscure, is that the reason (or excuse) for the votes cast in favour of the building height increase at the council meeting. On the record, two east ward and one west ward councillors voted against, rightly in support of the community objections. The mayor did not vote. The decision was carried by the votes of central ward and west ward councillors. Many may ask why non-east ward councillors would vote for building height increase outside their own electorates, despite strong community objections in east ward? There is a question to be answered, maybe?

Ernest To, Medowie

Salvos are here if you need help

This year has brought with it some of the greatest challenges we have faced in Australia. From drought, to devastating bushfires and a global pandemic, it would be fair to say that we are all looking forward to a fresh new year.

Looking forward now to Christmas, the Salvos want to encourage everyone to embrace the season and take this opportunity to connect with loved ones. Spending time with family (either in-person or online).

The Salvos also know that Christmas can be a time of stress, financial pressure and loneliness for some Aussies doing it tough. New research conducted for The Salvation Army's Christmas Appeal showed that 74 per cent of Aussies didn't know where to go for financial support this Christmas. The Salvos want you to know that we are here this Christmas; if you need financial support, presents for the kids, food for Christmas Day or just a community to belong to, please reach out to your local Salvos. For the Salvos, the true meaning of Christmas is found in the birth of Jesus. Jesus brought hope into the world. A hope for a better tomorrow.

So, this Christmas, the Salvos encourage you to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and enjoy the festive season as we come together with our family and friends.

Major Bruce Harmer, The Salvation Army's National Public Relations Secretary