Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: December 17

Make missing link a priority

It seems a little strange that we are discussing such grand plans for spectacular coastal walks while a glaring missing link is overlooked.

I refer to the path from Shoal Bay caravan park to Little Beach.

SHARING THE PATH: Peggy Stransky of Nelson Bay believes more bicycle riders should use bells to alert people on approach.

SHARING THE PATH: Peggy Stransky of Nelson Bay believes more bicycle riders should use bells to alert people on approach.

The path has been partially completed but stops short and it leaves about a 300-metre missing link.

Admittedly this section does present an engineering challenge but one would think an elevated board walk would do the job effectively.

This walk would have to be one of the Bay's most scenic vistas and is spoiled by having to cross busy Shoal Bay Road.

Denis Pittorino, Nelson Bay

A paws-itively happy ending

Community spirit is alive and well in Horizons Residential Estate in Salamander Bay.

Our grandchildren from Queensland were visiting us recently for the first time in 12 months and of course brought their four-year-old beloved dog Luis with them.

Imagine the panic when around dusk a door was left open and Luis decided to go exploring.

An hour later, tears of joy from the grandchildren when Luis was found safe and well.

Many thanks to all the people who walked the streets and even drove a golf cart (with headlights on) in our search for the dog.

Max and Sandra Pride, Salamander Bay

Voices of reason across Port

In time of Advent, I wish all letter writers a season of goodwill and happiness, even though some of us have had opposing views and competing ideas.

However, we have had some great proposals which could well benefit Port Stephens.

Just to mention two matters I and others have written about many times and being mentioned again by two recent letters (Examiner, December 10).

Firstly, "Hospital Headache" by Lynette Whittal, Penrith.

Many of us had suggested an hospital hub somewhere near Salt Ash to serve our growing population both in numbers and age.

Secondly, "Lack of high rise a blessing" by Amanda Sutherland, Anna Bay, who is one of many who had voiced their oppositions to high-rise buildings at the Bay with, I firmly believe, very good and sound reasons.

So hopefully our politicians and our voices in parliaments will see fit to take them on board in the new year.

Ernest To, Medowie

Buy a bell and use it

Regarding the recent letter on December 2 from Anne Townsend - I too have experienced rudeness from cyclists on the Bridle walk.

Cyclists whizzing by from behind don't seem to understand that it is a shared footpath and cycleway and not a racetrack.

Someone walking on the left would only have to veer slightly to the right, without realising there is a cyclist coming behind, for it to result in a collision.

I usually call out 'where's your bell?' and at times get the finger in return.

Unfortunately, some families don't seem to be teaching their children any common courtesy either, as the parents come past with their children on bikes but never a sound.

How about some teaching?

I have also observed though that some walkers stop dead in the middle of the track to have a chat - another frustration for other users.

Cyclists - don't forget to buy a bell and use it.

Peggy Stransky, Nelson Bay

Kindness of bystander

Hats off to Sarah [Police shoot dog at station, Examiner, December 10] for caring about the poor dog involved.

It's not only humans that suffer because of domestic violence.

Annie Miller, Nelson Bay