Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: April 29

PART OF LIFE: Colin Hay from Salamander Bay says the mullet haul is a basic reality in Port Stephens. Picture: Stephen Keating
PART OF LIFE: Colin Hay from Salamander Bay says the mullet haul is a basic reality in Port Stephens. Picture: Stephen Keating

Fish haul a necessary harvest

In reference to Geoff Delaney's letter (Examiner, April 22) may I, on behalf of the residents of the Tomaree Peninsular, extend our apologies to you and your partner for being subjected to this 'revolting and cruel' spectacle on Fingal Beach.

Unfortunately, this practice has been carried on for many many years and is in fact ingrained in the history of this area. That site, and others at Shoal Bay and Boat Harbour, where my wife and I witnessed this in the early 70s, are designated 'fish haul areas' and are used by licensed professional fishermen to harvest, in this case, sea mullet, during the annual mullet run.

So, they do have permits to do this and as far as reckless driving, I doubt it.

As for your reference of 'slaughter', well perhaps you should take a good look at how all of our food gets to our plates and that includes fruit and vegetables, there is very little that is not 'alive' at the time of harvesting.

You feel that this is not the sort of activity that individuals and families want to look at, well, they should look at it. This method of harvesting is historic, it is original (except for a few modern twists), and is representative of even large-scale fishing from trawlers and other large factory ships. Should we tell people about this? Absolutely.

If they stay a safe distance from the action they will witness reality and gain an education in food harvesting.

Perhaps they will be enlightened, as I hope you are now.

Colin Hay, Salamander Bay

Offering help in winter months

Tonight, the majority of Port Stephens residents will sleep under their doona, warm and comfortable with bathroom and other facilities close at hand.

Please take a moment to think of the people who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in the position of having to sleep in their car, along with all their possessions.

They have no option but to use public facilities, have a cold wash and eat take-away food each day.

Many of the 200 plus people in Port Stephens, who tonight are living like this, are working people.

Their jobs are important so they can earn the money needed for rent and rental bonds should they find permanent accommodation.

Rentals in this area are far beyond what such people can afford. Some have a pet to care for which makes it even harder for them.

I am calling on Port Stephens Council to make available a few units in every council owned caravan park, at a reduced price for at least the winter months.

In that time perhaps some of them would be able to find reasonable rentals.

P. McIver, Nelson Bay

Boom a bust without backing

In reference to the front page story 'Medowie boom time' (Examiner, April 15), I wish to ask if the left hand, namely our local state representative Kate Washington, is talking to the right hand, in this case central ward councillor Chris Doohan?

Kate states she has been pushing for services needed to support such a boom.

My question is who has she been pushing to?

If its any State Government department then forget it, the State is run by the Liberal Government and Kate as a Labor representative would be struggling no matter how hard she tries to make services happen.

It's a trap voters fall for when electing representatives on the opposing side of the fence. Ms Washington went on to say that that Medowie lacks a police station, ambulance station, fire and rescue, public high school and a decent public toilet.

I understand that most of Ms Washington's missions are State related, and as such our councillor Chris Doohan can offer little or no support but he certainly could weigh in for a decent public toilet.

Or do we utilize McDonald's state-of-the-art facilities once they build?

We will end up with four shopping hubs and not one public toilet, showing the vision by town planners is totally lacking.

Developers are seeing the huge potential in our town now our representatives need to do more.

George Anderson, Medowie