ALBUM REVIEW: Cosmic Psychos dredge Mountain Of Piss from familiar punk rock source

FUN: The Cosmic Psychos.

FUN: The Cosmic Psychos.

MUCH like AC/DC, whenever The Cosmic Psychos release a new album you know what to expect.

There's no surprises on the Australian punk legends' 11th album Mountain Of Piss. It's another collection of crunching grunge guitar over Ross Knight's gravelly, yet witty, roar about everything from stupid sports stars (Sin Bin), dodgy accountants who've "got no compounding interest in me," (Accountant Song) and a humorous lament about the changing nature of Australian society (Too Old To Drink In Pubs).

The best moments on Mountain Of Piss arrive when The Psychos turn up the distortion and jam on the hammering Bleeding Knuckles or when the band showcase their humour on Dickson, a Johnny Cash-style tribute to the Canberra suburb.

The Cosmic Psychos - Sin Bin

Dunny Seat, a defiant slab of punk about toilet etiquette, rips its riff from a familiar handbook and the title track's hook of "you've gotta go hard or go home" sounds like it was pinched from the book of working-class cliches.

Mountain Of Piss will satisfy the thirst of Psychos fans, which is exactly what you'd expect.

3 stars

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