Letters to the Port Stephens Examiner: March 14

Not all in favour of bypass

The Mayor Ryan Palmer, roads minister Melinda Pavey and Liberal candidate Jaime Abbott might be celebrating the announcement of the Fingal Link Road (Examiner, March 7) but the wildlife of the area certainly won’t be.

In Pacific Drive - a back street of Fingal Bay and well away from through traffic - an entire kangaroo family, father, mother and Joey were killed only last November. One can only imagine the carnage on a through road.

SPENDING: Mayor Ryan Palmer, Liberal candidate Jaimie Abbott and roads minister Melinda Pavey at last week's Fingal Link Road announcement.

SPENDING: Mayor Ryan Palmer, Liberal candidate Jaimie Abbott and roads minister Melinda Pavey at last week's Fingal Link Road announcement.

Loads of towns have a much further drive for emergency medical care. And the extra day-to-day is easily made up for by the privilege of living in such a wonderful part of Port Stephens.

I’m sure the proponents of this road would probably charge me with 'Nimby-ism', but it is not just my back yard, there are a lot of non-human residents who don’t have a voice.

Will Ms Abbott be happy to volunteer to assist the injured wildlife?

Sean Quinlan, Fingal Bay 

Guidelines could be key

Continuing to plant koala food and habitat trees is commendable, but until we have strong guidelines for developers to save existing trees, our few remaining koalas are doomed.

A model for Port Stephens Council and developers to adopt could be based on the Pottsville Koala Beach Estate.

- No cats and dogs within the estate.

- The inclusion of speed bumps near known koala home ranges.

- A requirement that all fences within the estate be raised so that koalas and other wildlife can enjoy free access around the estate.

- The provision that no koala home range or food tree be removed for - development purposes.

- The establishment of a Wildlife and Habitat Management Committee with funding from an environment levy on the rates.

This plan has existed for almost 25 years with success. See more at www.savethekoala.com/our-work/koala-beach-housing-development

Georgia Phillips, Salamander Bay

Is link road necessary

I am a long term resident of Fingal Bay and I value living in this beautiful area, surrounded by Tomaree National Park. I have never been consulted on what I think of the proposal for a Fingal Bay bypass.

Like all residents, I experience some traffic congestion during the peak visitor periods. But I can easily tolerate an extra five or 10 minutes to my trip, for six weeks a year, when the other 46 weeks of the year are fine. The idea the road will assist in dispersing residents in a bush fire emergency is, in my opinion, false. In such an event, the bypass would be the most dangerous route and possibly cut off.

Fingal Beach is a large, accessible and advantageous evacuation/refuge point for all residents if need be.

The environmental impacts of the road creation are phenomenal. In an already small and heavily fragmented conservation reserve, crisscrossed with borelines and powerlines, and under enormous pressure from ever increasing human-induced impacts, the bypass creates further habitat destruction.

This is the same national park that attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year, and will soon exhibit a $4 million walking track. Why destroy a natural tourist attraction, at a cost of $188 million, for the sake of a five minute convenience?

Rob Colbert, Fingal Bay

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