Something Fishy: Lifejackets now compulsory when fishing off rocks in Port Stephens

ROCK SAFETY: Local champ Haley Colebourne with a cracker salmon.

ROCK SAFETY: Local champ Haley Colebourne with a cracker salmon.

The Eastern Australian salmon, known in New Zealand as kahawai, is a tough fighting fish which can grow to an impressive 90 centimetres.

Unfortunately, they do not perform so impressively in the kitchen apart from making fishcakes.

Give it a go next time you bounce a salmon up the beach or off the rocks.

Right now there are heaps from Birubi to Fingal. When you hook one - hang on!

I fully support Port Stephens Council's action to make the wearing of lifejackets compulsory.

For as long as I can recall there have been numerous devices proposed to protect the lives of rock fishers swept into the sea.

I have come to the conclusion that the wearing of lifejackets is the only answer. The council's decision is the most responsible course of action and I applaud them for it.

All rescue organisations who risk their lives to save rock fishers, including surf clubs, air and sea rescue, Marine Rescue and water police, support the wearing of lifejackets.

That being the case, should we not support them? The responsibility now falls on the shoulders of the fishers. Surely you have a greater chance of survival on the surface.

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