Something Fishy: Pink rod lands the whopper

GREAT CATCH: Local champ Antonia Moncrieff with her cracker kingie.

GREAT CATCH: Local champ Antonia Moncrieff with her cracker kingie.

It seems that everything has gone pink since the recent cricket match at the Sydney Cricket Ground - even fishing rods!

Given a pink rod for her birthday, by friend Tommy Rocher, Antonia Moncrieff didn't take long to haul in a thumping kingfish from North Rock around Broughton Island. Not my preferred table fish, there is no doubting that kingies can pull like a mad dentist.

Being the granddaughter of long time Broughton Islander, Dave "happy" Chapman, Antonia will learn all the secrets along the way from her Pop who is a walking Broughton Island encyclopedia.

With the ongoing success of my book Broughton Islanders, now in its third print, maybe it is time to consider Broughton Islanders II?

Recent reports suggest extremes in the range of water with temperature dropping from 24.5 degrees to 18 degrees in less than 12 hours.

Time to start thinking about changes to our local Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park.

It is hoped that the public will soon be shown proposals from DPI Fisheries and that those concerned with the future of the environment, habitat, commercial and recreational fishing will become part of the process.

Let's have more photos of girls catching fish.

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