Independent Ryan Palmer draws ballot place number one in mayoral race for Port Stephens

Six names went into the draw at the Raymond Terrace pre-polling centre on Wednesday night to determine in what order the mayoral candidates would appear on the ballot.

The names in order of appearance and how they will appear on the ballot paper on September 9:

  • Ryan Palmer, Independen
  • Des Maslen, Country Labor
  • Geoff Dingle, Independent 
  • Steve Tucker, Independent
  • Peter Kafer, Independent
  • Sally Dover, Independent

“There’s a bit of luck there,” Mr Palmer said, drawing number one.

“If I could have placed myself anywhere, of course it would be number one.

“But there’s a lot of work to do between now and the election, it’s more than just luck.”

Mr Maslen was pleased with second even if it “didn’t matter”.

“I am delighted with the position and excited for Port Stephens’ future to be free from petty squabbling,” he said.

“Ultimately it doesn’t matter where on the ballot I am. I know that people will vote for Labor’s positive, fresh agenda for the new council.”

The other wards were drawn as teams, in the following order.

East ward:

 ​A. John Nell, Independent; Diana Townsend, Independent; Adriana Nell, Independent.

​B. Sally Dover, Independent; Bill Brill, Independent; Anica Virt, Independent.

​C. Ryan Palmer, Independent, Glen Dunkley, Independent; Rory Milne, Independent; Natalie Newcome, Independent; Nick Diemar, Independent.

​D. David Simm, Country Labor; Roz Armstrong, Country Labor; Jim Morrison, Country Labor.

​E. Jaimie Abbott, Independent; Matthew Bailey, Independent; Diana Souter, Independent.

Central Ward:​​

​A. Sarah Smith, Independent; Coal Kearins, Independent; Belinda Johnson, Independent.

​B. Steve Tucker, Independent; Ben Niland (not specified); John Robinson, Independent.

​C. Jenny Battrick, Independent; Jo Jackson, Independent; Patrick Byron, Independent.

​D. Chris Doohan, Independent; Shirley O’Brien, Independent; Peter Smith, Independent.​​

​E. Des Maslen, Country Labor; Melissa Pond, Country Labor; Peter McKenna, Country Labor.

Ungrouped candidates – Luis Gomez-Fort, Independent.

West ward:

​A. Paul Le Mottee, Independent; Anthony Malone, Independent; Lea Smith, Independent. 

​B. Giacomo Arnott, Country Labor; Bobbie Antonic, Country Labor; Vicki McLaughlin, Country Labor.

​C. Peter Kafer, Independent; Brooke Roach, Independent; Alannah Newell, Independent.

​D. Jillian Lye, Independent; Rhianna Wynn, Independent; Lorraine Yudaeff, Independent.

​E. Ken Jordan, Independent; Pre McGee, Independent; James Love, Independent.