Tomaree Public School students design a classroom for Port Stephens Koalas hospital

Tomaree Public School has a cohort of designers in its midst if a recent project to create an education centre for the new koala hospital is anything to go by.

All school students, from kindergarten to year 6, were involved in the fun but educational term-long project.

“We decided last year to come up with a project for the students that involved them in their community, something authentic and meaningful,” teacher Steph Bunny said.

“Someone from Port Stephens Koalas had come in and talked with them about what’s happening to koalas in Port Stephens, the local environment and about the hospital.

“We though we could tie this together and asked students to design a classroom for the education centre that will be going into the hospital.”

The students put a lot of research and thought into their classroom design, including the addition of furniture, computers and habitat areas for the koalas, and using craft items turned their ideas into real life models. 

Sienna Lauricella, Olive Phillips and Adison Bott said they worked hard on their detailed design.

“We have included a koala enclosure, a library with books on koalas, a stage for someone to talk, medicine for the koalas and posters on the wall,” Miss Phillips said.

“We also have a VR [virtual reality] table so you can experience being a koala.”

A PSK representative was set to attend the school on Tuesday and judge the top designs.

It is not expected that anything will come of the designs, but Ms Bunny said it was a good to involve students in their community and have them create something from scratch.