National Pet Adoption Day returns to PETstock Heatherbrae on February 9

Port residents looking to add a pet to their family are being encouraged to head into PETstock at Heatherbrae on Saturday for National Pet Adoption Day. 

PETstock will welcome Dog Rescue Newcastle to the store on February 9 to help match prospective owners and animals seeking forever homes. 

Residents will be able to meet animals that are available for adoption, and talk with the rescue organisation.

In the past four years, the PETstock adoption day has helped find forever homes for almost 2000 pets.

The day also aims to reduce the stigma around certain breeds by educating potential pet parents about the individual animal’s personality and needs.

Animal behaviourist Dr Kate Mornement said there are many more important factors than breed that determine a pet’s personality and temperament. 

“Personality and temperament are also influenced by previous experiences and individual differences. This is why you get so much variation both within and between breeds,” she said. 

“Many well socialised and trained pets find themselves in need of a new home. Even those pets that may not have had a great start to life can become wonderful companions. With some love and guidance, their personalities shine.”