Anglers hooked in new $30,000 Port Stephens Council rock fishing safety campaign

Anglers hooked in new $30,000 safety campaign

Rock fishers will be the target of a new safety and awareness campaign due to be launched in Port Stephens after the council received a $30,000 grant from the Office of Local Government.

The educational campaign is aimed at reminding novice and experienced fishers that lifejackets are mandatory when fishing off rocks in Port Stephens.

"NSW Police are the lead agency for regulation and enforcement, however we do have a responsibility to inform the community of the risks associated for not wearing a lifejacket," the council's environmental health and compliance coordinator, Marc Goodall, said.

"Like many NSW coastal councils who adopted the legislation, we hope that all fishers, regardless of their level of experience, understand how wearing a lifejacket could be the difference between going home safely to their families or facing tragedy."

NSW councils can opt into the legislation, which requires people rock fishing in high risk areas to wear lifejackets.

Anglers were given a 12 month grace period once the council opted into the legislation.

Now, anyone caught fishing off rocks in Port Stephens without a lifejacket can now receive a $100 on the spot fine.

An average of eight people lose their lives rock fishing every year in NSW.