Hunter White Ribbon Committee gives $5000 to Raymond Terrace crisis accommodation units

The Hunter White Ribbon Committee has made a $5000 donation toward the Raymond Terrace crisis accommodation units.

The money is a share of the proceeds the committee raised at a White Ribbon Day breakfast on November 25.

“The money will help finish the units off,” Port Stephens Family and Neighhourhood Services co-manager Colleen Whittle said.

“We had got to a point where the well had run dry.”

The two-bedroom unit has been a joint project between Port Stephens Council, Port Stephens Police LAC and PFANS – the latter had campaigning for such an initiative for years.

Police officers with a trade background began work on the project last year.

The refuge will allow for women and their children to stay, on a case by case basis, for up to 28 days.

“The money will help us complete the project and any left over will help with food and electricity bills for those clients,” Ms Whittle said.

Superintendent Chris Craner said the contribution was evidence the issue had begun to gain traction in Port Stephens.

“There’s been little in the way of support previously,” Supt Craner said.

“But the awareness of PFANS and its vitall work has only grown and as a result people and organisations have become increasingly generous.”

Hunter White Ribbon Committee chairman Jon Chin announced the funds last week.

“This refuge will be a great, great community asset to women fleeing this violence and we’re sure Port Stephens will make this $5000 go a long way.”

Hunter White Ribbon Committee chairman Jon Chin

Hunter White Ribbon Committee chairman Jon Chin