Orange Sky Laundry, DARA food van have first shift in Anna Bay

The Orange Sky Laundry and DARA food van made their first appearance in Anna Bay on Monday night, offering Port residents who are doing it tough a chance to enjoy a free hot meal, have their clothes washed and to chat with volunteers.

While only one woman turned out to access the service on Monday, DARA chief officer Barry Urwin said it was “normal” that no one or very few people turned out the first time.

“It’s normal for the first time to see no one,” he said.

“We need a couple of brave people to come and try it and to spread the word.”

Orange Sky Laundry volunteer Steve Anderson provides a run down on the van that will service Anna Bay and Port Stephens as part of the new Hunter service.

About 20 volunteers, many from Port Stephens, are part of the team that will assist at the Anna Bay site on Monday nights.

The food and laundry van will be available to access at All Saint Anglican Church in Anna Bay, on the Lutheran Church grounds, from 6pm to 8.30pm each Monday.

Orange Sky and DARA will offer its services in Raymond Terrace on Wednesday nights.

The vans will set up in the Bourke Street carpark, behind Raymond Terrace MarketPlace, from 6pm to 8.30pm.

More to come.